I am delighted to be offering the most amazing giveaway in my Award Winning Fine Art Portraits style. Normally these experiences come with an A4 print however on this occasion, you will be able to claim an amazing Fine Art Printed image mounted just like what I would enter in to the SWPP 20×16 Print Competition.

All you have to do is get in touch by email to claim one of JUST 5 Fine Art Kids Experiences that I will be giving away.

Whilst Made Portraits is mostly known for its quirky fun filled family portraits, it is also an Award Winning Fine Art Portraits studio. This style was introduced at the beginning of 2016 and has proven popular with parents of primary aged kids and up.

As you may know, each year the SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers) hold a Convention in London at the Hilton Metropole. The Convention runs for 5 days where there are Masterclasses to attend, a Trade show; qualification judging and you can also view the judging of a 20×16 competition.

The rules of this competition are you can submit an image where the mount is up to 20×16 size. The image can fill the whole area or have a border around it and the paper choice has to compliment the image presented. Quality is key! This is quality of the paper, the print and the image. Because of the cost involved with entering, you tend to find only the best in their field enter this competition and this year, I myself entered for the first time. There were a thousand images entered and these were split into 13 different categories. There were around a hundred images that received a Merit which in itself is an incredible achievement but only 3 from each category were then put forward to be a finalist.

My image of Ella being scrutinised by the SWPP Judges

My image above of Ella was one of those images representing Children.

Although this image didn’t go on to win, the lady that did win was one of the main people that inspired me to explore this style of Photography. When you’re beaten by someone that inspired you, it doesn’t feel too bad.

These Sessions are for those wanting something truly special to hang on their wall. They capture images of your kids which are quite simply beautiful. The 2 hour session time allows us to get up to 20 different compositions for you to choose from and because we shoot digitally, this means you will be able to select any of your images in colour or black and white giving you the ultimate freedom.

With this type of photography, the clothing and styling is very important as this is what gives the right feel to your images.

You can learn more about how the sessions work by visiting The Fine Art Kids Portrait Experience or you can Enter Now for your chance to win.