On the 13th of November this year, we launched our first ever ‘Be a Santa’ campaign and already I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of people that have emailed in. Many of the stories have been incredibly emotional to read as a family man myself so I’m extremely proud to have introduced this.

Life can be cruel sometimes and at this time of year, we all talk about looking out for others but how often do we actually look beyond our own immediate family? This is why I launched the “Be A Santa” campaign.

If you know of someone that has been through or is going through a tough time right now whether child or grown up, then please get in touch to nominate them. This could be due to illness, disability, bullying, divorce, mental health, suffered a loss or any other reason you feel means they would deserve a special gift.

I would like your nominations for people YOU feel deserve a chance to have a fun photo shoot with me here in my award winning studio in Glastonbury. I will be selecting two people who will each receive a free session with an A4 print and 10 digital images to download free of charge.

Neil Bremner

To nominate someone, you must email info@madeportraits and tell me about them. Why do you think they should be selected to have this shoot? If you could also provide me with as many contact details as you have for them. On Christmas Eve, I will go through all the nominations and select the two deserving people to win this incredible gift. I will then endeavor to contact them on Christmas day to tell them that they have been selected. They won’t be told who selected them or why! I will simply explain the campaign and say that someone or many people nominated them and wanted to ‘Be a Santa’ for them and give this special gift. Anonymity seems to define what being a Santa is all about for me and I hope you agree.

At the moment, I don’t know how I am going to choose. The stories are so varied and so far they have all have been deserving so it will certainly be a difficult choice.

I can’t ask enough that you share this campaign. Please #BeASanta with your posts. If you haven’t then please let me ask again that you do. If you have then can I ask you share it again some time soon. I would love for this to spread across Somerset and beyond so as many people as possible can be nominated and ultimately my hopes are that next year, I can get other businesses involved. I’d love to see Somerset wide businesses standing up and allowing someone to Be a Santa to someone deserving.

Please share, tag, comment and spread the word so I can bring a moment of joy into someones life (nominations through my email address ONLY, please). Thank you. You can see examples of my work by visiting our portraits page. I look forward to receiving your nominations.


Be a Santa