Cake Smash!

Cake Smash sessions truly takes messy play to a whole new level of fun! Ingredients required include a soon to be 1 year old child (Supplied by you); a nice moist cake (Also supplied by you) and a nice clean studio that will not stay that way (Supplied by me)! There is truly no better way to celebrate your little ones first birthday.

Although the session is called a Cake Smash, it would be better to call it a Smash and Splash because once the Cake part is over, we pull out our beautiful little claw foot bathtub so you can give them a clean and then let them splash around to end the session.

We have a great video below to walk you through how the Cake Smash experience works. Take a look and enjoy. 

Cake Smash Somerset

With two hours put aside for the session, there’s plenty of time to let your little one settle in before we move on to capturing everything you could possibly want. At the beginning of the session, Neil will spend a few minutes taking a mixture of family shots and some individual shots of your child. This allows for your child to relax in to the shoot with the safety of you being right there with them.

Once that’s done, Neil moves on to the Cake Smash part of the shoot. There will be a series of shots taken documenting the destruction of the cake. Some kids will pile through it and others will be reluctant at first so he simply takes time and lets your child take it at their own pace. You will be right by there side the whole time so please keep in mind that you too may be a little messy by the end.

Following the cake smash and depending on how your child is, you will have a choice. Neil has an adorable claw foot baby bath which kids love to splash around in so you can have some shots taken with that to finish off the session or end your session here. The bath rounds the story of the cake smash off perfectly especially when your little one loves the water.

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