Commercial Photography for Glastonbury Spring Water

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Commercial Photography can be hugely impactful on a companies brand identity and local Somerset business Glastonbury Spring Water also recognise that. They approached me last year looking to create a signature image of a Water bottle to be used on their website; within brochures and on the sides of delivery vans. There were also some standard cut-out shots required of their bottled water range for e-commerce purposes but I want to talk to you about the signature image specifically.

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We played around with a few different ideas and eventually settled on the concept of capturing the bottle rising from clean clear water showing how refreshing their fresh spring water is. To then personalise this to their brand, I had the idea of placing their bottle in the iconic role of the Glastonbury Tor and used the waves of water to create the shape of the Tor hill bringing the logo to life.

To achieve this, I placed the bottle inside a fish tank that was partially filled with water. A clear glass was submerged in to the water and then the bottle was placed on top of this. I then proceeded to pour water water around the base of the bottle and captured several splash options.



Commercial Photography Glastonbury Spring Water 1The bottle and glass were then removed and a rolled up towel was placed under the fish tank so it became a make shift seesaw. I then rocked the fish tank so a number of wave options could also be captured. I find with water especially that manipulating the shape in Photoshop always looks fake and so it was very important for me to catch the hill lip on the right hand side of the shot in camera.

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