Creative Business Cards

Creative Business Cards

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Made Portraits prides itself on being quirky and different with the photography we do, the products we sell and now our creative business cards. Photography has really moved forward over the last few years and Made Portraits has truly embraced the digital age of photography but our creative business cards are a nod to our roots.

When I started out in photography, I worked as an assistant to some incredible photographers and learnt my craft using negative and transparency. I really enjoyed the feeling of being stood over a light box and looking through the slides a few days after the shoots had taken place to see the final results and that’s why this seemed like a fun thing to do.

I approached a few different printers locally and nationally about printing transparencies from a digital file and was faced with a lot of “can’t be done”s. That was until I happened to talk to a local printer called Barry Tinton from ‘Aeium Limited’. ‘Aeium’ supply some truly innovative and quirky marketing materials and so for my creative business cards, they were the perfect choice.

We did a few test prints to get the overall finish and size accurate and then off we went. Then with prints delivered, the Gepe slides I’d sourced online and my bespoke made old school stamp on hand, I was off to work with cutting, slicing, sticking, clipping and stamping.

Photographers Business Cards

The Made Portraits brand image is all very clean and crisp like the photography itself so to have a business card that’s a little rough around the edges is quite a change but in a good way. When I meet new people now through friends or however, they recognise the photography if I show them an image and I hope the creative business cards will become equally as recognisable.

I hope you all like them.