Family Portraits in Somerset

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You’re looking for the right studio for you that does Family Portraits in Somerset and you’ve found Made Portraits so what now? Why should you book with us? What will you get if you come in to our studio for your Portrait session?

Well first thing you should do if you haven’t already is purchase a family portrait experience. You can get these for just £20 See Here and this covers a 1.5 hour photography session and also includes a complimentary A4 print. Once that’s done, we will get in touch with you or you can call us at the studio and we will start looking for suitable dates and times. With the studio being open 6 days a week (Closed on Tuesdays) finding a suitable appointment will be easy.

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You will be advised on everything to do with your session from what to wear to props that can add to your story and we will put any worries at ease. Most people don’t enjoy having their photos taken and that’s where we really shine. We make the experience fun for all the family… not just the kids. The number of dads that have come in for a session against their will and have left saying they thoroughly enjoyed the shoot is just huge. We are one of the leading studios for Family Portraits in Somerset because we take the time to get to know you before your session begins so your portraits really will be personal and relaxed.

Take the Hills for example. Rebecca, Nick and Tolly came in to Made Portraits back in November. Tolly is a master on his scooter and even had a very cool and individual surfing stance which needed to be captured. There were also a number of soft toys taken along that included some of Rebecca’s from her childhood.

Now some studios would simply take a picture with Tolly stood on the scooter stationary and on his own. They may even have missed his unique scooting style. They’d perhaps sit the family on the floor and have them cuddling the teddies but then that’s not really different at all and that’s where our creativity sets us apart.

Tolly’s surfing stance had to be captured and his speed needed to be shown and this was done perfectly with him pulling Rebecca through the air.

Tolly’s dare devil confidence also needed to be seen and so jumping over Nick seemed like a really fun way of doing that.

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Moving on to the teddys, these were taken to the studio in a beautiful vintage suitcase and the Hills were about to embark on some travelling so it seemed only fitting to show them in the suitcase as the first to be packed up ready to go.

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This is what we love to do at Made. This is Family Portraits in Somerset at it’s best. Telling your story in fun, unique and quirky way.


Many peoples fear of taking props to a portrait session is that they will take over the entire shoot but at Made Portraits that is really not the case. Your props will be used to give you more variety after we have captured you as you are. Your families relationship and the interaction between you all is certainly the greatest part of your story and we recognise that.

So in the session as you can see here, we try to capture a number of different compositions which include family shots, individual shots and each parent with the kids as well. You will generally have around 20 different compositions to choose from and as you can see from the photos here, there is nothing stiff or posed about what we do.

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After your session, we will look at finding a date for you to come back and view the amazing selection of photos we will undoubtedly capture. Your viewing takes place in our viewing room where your images are shown as a slideshow with music before you go through them and edit down to your selection of favourites. You obviously will have your complimentary print to choose and if you did want to take any more then there are a number of options including framed, unframed and digital files.

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So it’s as easy as that. You can buy your experience right now and maybe even be in for your session within the week if we have the availability. We really do hope you choose Made Portraits for your Family Portraits in Somerset.

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