At any time of year, trying to find the right gift ideas for Newborns or their parents can be quite a mission. If it’s a first child then parents tend to buy a lot on their own out of excitement. If they’ve had a child before, they tend to have a lot to re-use. This is why I thought I’d put together my own top 10 ideas of things that could make the perfect gift (Without resorting to Prosecco or Wine. Incidentally FYI, Asda are offering 6 bottles of Prosecco for £25 as I type this) for a Newborn.

You’re going to find a mix of original ideas and simple ideas which may seem obvious but sometimes they make the best gifts.

Please be aware that all prices below are the costs as I wrote this Blog.


Newborn Gift Ideas Top 10


Mother care Baby Converse Socks

Converse Baby Socks £7.50

Number 10:

I’m a huge fan of my Converse trainers. I have the Newborn Photo you can see above on the wall in the studio which is my daughter Hannah when she was 3 days old. As you’ll see, she’s laying next to my eldest daughters trainers; my wife’s trainers and a pair of my own. All 3 pairs were bought just for this photo but the icing on the cake were the deliciously cute Converse socks she wore. These are such a sweet little gift when you don’t want to spend too much on someone.

You can buy this little gift box from Mothercare Online for £7.50

If you fancy some trainers of your own, Converse Online have a sale right now alongside a Black Friday promotion so DOUBLE savings.










Gift Ideas for Newborns

Jelly Cat Animals From £12

Number 9:

As Gift Ideas for Newborns go, Jelly Cat Animals are something I see in the studio almost weekly. Both my daughters have several of these and they are the perfect cot or bedtime companion. They have loads of animals to choose from and different size options as well so you can’t go wrong. The rabbits are certainly the most popular but the dogs are adorable as are the elephants.

You can buy a Jelly Cat animal from Jelly Cats website starting from £12








Gift Ideas for Newborns

Sophie the Giraffe £14.99

Number 8:

I will never forget the day my brother and sister in law came to visit just after my eldest daughter Grace was born. They brought some lovely gifts for us but this one confused me. When I first saw it, I could only assume it was a dog toy but oh how I was wrong. As it turned out, it was Sophie the Giraffe and she is the must have item to have on hand when teething begins. Both my daughters had one and it was a true blessing so I cannot recommend them enough (Once you get over the fact it’s not a dog toy).

You can buy Sophie the Giraffe from various websites or direct from SophieLaGirafe from £14.99







Gift Ideas for Newborns

Jojo Maman Bebe Body Suits From £16

Number 7:

Most 1st time parents go out and buy piles of clothes for their new arrival and if you’re lucky, you get given loads of beautiful outfits as gifts. Clothes seem to be an ideal Gift idea for newborns but stop! The thing is inevitably your new little bundle of joy will spend most of the time in Body Suits and Baby grows. The convenience of a baby grow far outweighs the faff of a dress with tights or little trouser dungarees. So much so that I do several shoots a month when parents ask if their little ones can just be in their baby grow. You can find some beautiful baby grows from all the normal places but  I do love the ones on offer from JoJo Maman Bebe at the moment.

You can look through their Baby Grows and Body Suits by visiting the JoJo Maman Bebe website. Prices starting from £16.





Newborn Gift Ideas

Cuski Mini Swandoodles Bamboo Muslins £18.99

Number 6:

Muslins may seem like an odd gift to give but these Cuski Mini Swandoodle Bamboo Muslins are awesome. We were given a pack from some friends of ours when our second daughter was born and they have been her little sleeping buddy ever since. Even with so many washes, they still feel lovely and soft when she curls up with them. These are coming on the list as highly recommended.

You can buy them from various websites including Cabbage Patch Corner from £18.99







Newborn Gift Ideas

Personalised My 1st Years Double Sided Star Knitted Blanket £21

Number 5:

John Lewis is always a great place to look for gift ideas when you want to give something good quality. These personalised knitted blankets are brilliant. When you give something that’s personalised with the babies name on it, you always feel like there’s just been that little more effort put in to it. Blankets are always useful for babies especially at this time of year and these photograph really nicely when babies are curled up sleeping.

You can buy these knitted blankets from John Lewis and have them personalised for £21







Newborn Gift Ideas

Stripey Cats Personalised Framed Clocks £28

Number 4:

I think this has to be one of my favourite gift ideas on the list because they are so adorable. I’ve actually bought the ladybug one for my youngest as a Christmas gift. She loves Gaston from Ben and Holly and so this will be a perfect piece of wall art in her room. A clock sounds like an odd choice but look at the many different designs from Stripey Cats, they’re incredible. You can’t ignore that these will make stunning nursery wall displays. Trying to find a gift that’s different is always really difficult however this really ticks the box.

You can buy these Stripey Cats Clocks from John Lewis and have them personalised for £28






Gift Ideas for Newborns

Cream Large Plush Lined Shawl/Blanket £45 (Reduced to £38.25 as this is published)

Number 3:

Like I said with number 6, blankets are always great especially in the winter months and these stunning shawl blankets are my favourite. They’re perfect for putting over newborns when we take them out and about to keep them snuggly. The Little Tailer do loads of amazing things for Newborns so worth a look around the website. The quality and softness of the blankets are second to none and the great thing is these blankets will last forever so when your little toddler falls asleep on the sofa or you’re driving at night, it’s ideal to have one on hand.

Shop on the Little Tailor website now and buy these beautiful Plush Blankets from £38.25






Number 2:

Keeping up the theme of ideas that will last, Newborns grow up and change incredibly quickly. Getting a professional photo to be framed and displayed in their home is ideal for gift ideas for Newborns. Across the country there are thousands of photographers that do this but choose carefully. A newborn baby is the most precious thing so someone that’s not had training can be a risk. Posing a baby needs to be done carefully to avoid them hurting themselves so visiting a qualified photographer is a must!

If you’re based in or around Somerset, we offer an amazing Newborn package which take place at our state of the art studio in Glastonbury. If you’re based further out, please get in touch and I will happily recommend photographers near you that are professionally qualified.

Buy a Made Portraits Newborn Experience Voucher from £45 which includes 1 image as an A4 print and a Digital File.





Gift Ideas for Newborns

Beaba BabyCook £92

Number 1:

When there are several of you chipping in for a gift together, you sometimes want to spend a little more than the norm and this is where the Béaba Baby Cook comes in. We were given one when our first daughter was born. At the time we didn’t really understand how useful it would be but once we started weening, it was invaluable. You have complete control of what goes in to the food you’re feeding your child. With so many of us watching what we eat ourselves, it makes sense to be able to make your own meals for your baby. We used to make meals at the beginning of the week and freeze them so she had a varied diet. This paid off as she got older as she would eat anything we gave her.

The Béaba Baby Cook is available through Amazon and various other sites from £92




Well I hope you’ve found some of these ideas useful but obviously if you have any other ideas, why not leave a comment below of what you’d recommend and why.