When it comes to photographing Newborns, we ensure that you have the most valuable thing during your session… time! There are never two Newborns who are the same so some may come into the studio and settle down straight away while others may need feeds or hugs throughout and we don’t want you to feel rushed.

With that in mind, whenever you book a Newborn Shoot at Made Portraits, we will block off the entire morning or the entire afternoon so there is not need worry about anything. Although most shoots will take around an hour and a half, we like to have that safety net. 

Our amazing Newborn Portfolio can be seen in the video below so why not take a look. 

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Fine Art Newborn Shoots are a great way to capture those early days with stunning style. With up to 4 hours set aside for your session, there is never any reason to feel rushed so there’s plenty of time for feeds, hugs and nappy changes. 

The sessions can sometimes be a waiting game but that’s what we love about them. Waiting for those moments where your little one is settled and looking at their most peaceful. 

At Made Portraits, we have a variety of wraps, blankets and additions for your shoot but we also encourage parents to take any items along that hold a special meaning to them. 

You can concentrate on your new addition within the shoot or have some family shots or sibling shots as well, the choice is yours. 


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