‘Newborn’ Photography Experience


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Suitable for sessions that include that new addition to your family, the Fine Art Newborn Photography is a Weekday only extended photography experience.

Quite simply, this is the most amazing way to capture your new addition. The session will certainly revolve around your beautiful baby but siblings and parents are always welcome to be in some of the images as well.

There are a handful of props in the studio which we can use like wraps, blankets and baskets but we much prefer the more personal touches families can add by taking their own bits in. We want you to take things in that capture your families story. Think outside the box like the Converse image above and see just how creative we can be.

Once you’ve purchased your experience, you notify the studio of your due date and we ensure there will be space around the time you’re due.

The session time allows us to get up to 20 different compositions for you to choose from shot in a style that suits your personal tastes. Because we shoot digitally, this means you will be able to select any of your images in colour or black and white giving you the ultimate freedom.

Then as soon after your baby arrives as possible, you get in touch and we look at booking you in ideally within 5-15 days of the birth (but your baby can be older if preferred). The Fine Art Newborn Photography experience can last for anything from 2-4 hours for your session giving plenty of time for a variety of stunning compositions and more importantly, settling and feeding your baby in between shots as required.

The experience includes a complimentary A4 print with High Resolution Digital File of your favourite image as standard or an amazing £50 off any product you may decide to order from your session.

These sessions use your baby to create true art but they can be slow so do require a lot of patience. There are plenty of herbal teas, normal tea, coffee and biscuits on hand for parents.

So what to do next?

All you need to do is buy your experience voucher online and Neil will be in touch as soon as possible to discuss your due date. If you’re buying as a gift, you just need to let him know who it’s for and when you will be passing it on.

Appointments are available at 10:00 only on Tuesday or Wednesday or 10:00 or 14:00 on Thursday and Friday. We don’t shoot Newborn sessions on a Saturday and the studio is closed on Sundays and Mondays.

Siblings are welcome to come along and have some shots taken with their new brother or sister however we would not recommend they stay for the entire session as it can be a long appointment. If you can arrange for someone to collect them then this would be ideal however if this is simply not possible, please let us know and we can plan accordingly.

Selecting ‘Yes’ to ‘Printed & Delivered’ means that a voucher will be sent to you presented within a lovely envelope all ready to be given as gift.

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