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My Somerset Bridal Boudoir experience

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Let me tell you about my Somerset Bridal Boudoir experience. So being a young mum of two, feeling sexy and confident about my body, is not something that comes easily. I have never been a confident person regarding self image, to the extreme of hating the thought of wearing swim wear in public. I am currently the blushing bride to be and had been wondering what present I could get my husband to be. I wanted something that he would be blown away by, and was not like any other Christmas or birthday gift.


So where does Neil and Made Boudoir come into this? Well I was setting up an event on Facebook for my hen night and noticed an advert for Made Boudoir. Neil was advertising the boudoir experience for Valentines. The slogan he uses stuck in my head ‘Capturing the greatest thing Made, you’. I started to think about how my fiancé views me and all the loving comments he makes about my physique. After a few days of arguing with myself and weighing up the pros and cons, I decided to get in touch with Neil. When he found out I was getting married in a few months he suggested having a bridal boudoir shoot. This could involve my bridal lingerie and accessories for the day of the wedding.  Perfect.

Somerset Bridal Boudoir 07

I loved the idea of making it more personal and relevant rather than just a standard lingerie shoot… but at this point, the thoughts of a middle aged old pervert started to creep into my head, and the realisation of being stood half naked in front of another man.


Somerset Bridal Boudoir 02









Neil worked with me to book in an appointment that fitted in around work, the kids and the on-going craziness of wedding planning. Due to my fears I decided to take a friend with me to hold my hand and for security. The morning of the shoot I was a nervous wreck. What was I doing?


When driving into the parking area outside of the studio, I was amazed by the serenity of the location and the beautiful views of Glastonbury Tor. It was a very quaint looking building with a heritage feel to it. Neil greeted me at the door and immediately made me feel welcome. After making drinks he began to find out what I wanted to get from the day and the overall result I wanted. From this Neil started to look at everything that I had brought with me and plan out a story through imagery. In this story Neil could visualise from start to finish what would be used, when and how. His creative enthusiasm was reassuring and started to create excitement in me about what I was doing. During this process Neil showed me some of his work around the studio, which included images of his daughter and wife. Seeing how he had created work with others and the fact he was a family man offered further reassurance and confidence.

Somerset Bridal Boudoir 06

During the shoot Neil was professional in every way, offering support on how to position myself, tips on facial expressions and posture. Throughout Neil guided and directed me, showing me the images we captured and the effects that were created by his use of lighting. The nerves and anxiety I had started out with subsided within the first 30 minutes of the shoot, and my confidence began to grow. It really helped having my friend with me, not only for reassurance but to help with putting different items on and adjusting different bits here and there. You are provided with a private bathroom to change and get ready in, a warm fluffy robe to put on in between photos if you get cold and hot/cold drinks to enjoy throughout.


When I returned 2 weeks later to view the images, I was not prepared for the reaction I had. With a hot coffee in hand, comfy on the sofa and sat in front of a 42inch flat screen TV, Neil began the slide show. Music started to play and image upon image graced the screen. I was silent. In front of me I could see a woman who looked like me, but didn’t. I mean, she had my hair and my features, but I did not and never have looked that amazing. This woman’s body was hot!

Somerset Bridal Boudoir 04

It created amazing lines and shadows, she looked confident and at ease, hair falling around her and eyes that could kill. I started to cry. The realisation was overwhelming. I couldn’t stop thanking Neil for what he had done. Even more to my surprise Neil replied that he had not altered or photo shopped the images with the exception of removing cables and such. I couldn’t believe it. I was so glad I had gone ahead, faced my fears and had this Somerset Bridal Boudoir experience. A real eye opener. So then began the difficult part. I wanted to choose one image to have printed out to give my fiancé on the morning of the wedding, as a cheeky ‘ this is what you’ve got to look forward to later’ present. Then the rest of the images I plan to have put onto disc with the guidance of my fiancé after the wedding. So with Neil’s support we looked through the images and selected one that we both felt said ‘bridal’, ‘sexy’, ‘no reasons for concern’, and ‘that’s my wife to be’. Neil organised for it to be framed and it looked amazing on collection.


I really do appreciate and I am over the moon with the final result. I am hoping that my fiancé will be too. I can’t wait to hear what he thinks. I have booked in another visit for us both to view the remaining images together and thought it would be nice for him to meet Neil and see the studio first hand… to be continued with the thoughts of the groom.



Blushing bride x

Somerset Bridal Boudoir 03


This was Nicole’s Somerset Bridal Boudoir experience in her own words. I’m delighted to say that she came in with her new husband and he was delighted with the images as well. Something that stuck in my mind from their viewing was when Nicole mentioned to me that some of the tips I had given her in the shoot came in handy on their wedding day when the photographer and the guests were taking her picture.


Nobody likes having their picture taken really so it’s great when you can help someone feel at ease in front of the camera.


Somerset Bridal Boudoir 08


When I work with someone on a Boudoir shoot, I always make sure that positioning and lighting is at it’s most flattering as that way, there’s not a need to be retouching out love handles and such. At the same time, unwanted tattoos, cellulite and tan lines can be softened or taken out altogether so your Made Boudoir images will look their absolute best.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Nicole for both coming in for her session at Made Boudoir and for this amazing article about her Somerset Bridal Boudoir experience.