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Somerset Business Awards 2015 – Finalist

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Being notified that I’m a finalist in the Somerset Business Awards 2015 was a real honour and privilege. Over the last 2 years, I’ve been extremely lucky to have my photography awarded many times by some great organisations but this is the first time I’ve been recognised for the business side of things.

The Somerset Business Awards 2015 is in its 11th year and aims to celebrate business success across Somerset. The Somerset Chamber of Commerce runs the awards and they are the leading business support organisation for Somerset companies and entrepreneurs. They have several categories that businesses throughout Somerset could enter including the likes of the ‘Environmental’ Award; ‘International Trader’ Award; ‘New Business of the Year’ Award in which I was shortlisted and ‘Marketing and Promotion’ Award for which I am now a finalist.

The first round was to enter in to the categories you wanted to be considered for and submit some information as to who you are and why you are entering. Each category has their own judge/s who then had to narrow the entries down to a shortlist and then go to those businesses to interview them. From there, they then had to narrow that down to the 3 finalists for each category and the winners will be announced at an Awards Dinner on the 23rd of October.

I am truly ecstatic that I am a finalist in the ‘Marketing & Promotion’ category. This category was about Innovative and creative marketing with clearly measurable results, irrespective of budget. It was about standing out in a crowded market place.  Entries needed to demonstrate these characteristics either in a one-off campaign or as a part of sustained marketing.

The studio was successful in this category specifically because of the ‘Lemon Babies.’ project.

Lemon Babies at Made Portraits in now a finalist in the Somerset Business Awards

Lemon Babies at Made Portraits a Somerset Business Awards 2015 Finalist

Lemon Babies is my free to participate portrait project where I invite babies in to the studio that are sitting unaided but are yet to take their first steps. These little volunteers are then sat down with a slice of Lemon and I photograph their reactions as they taste Lemon for the first time and more often than not the results are priceless.

Thanks to the parents that come in, this project has really grown in to something more than I could ever have hoped for. Parents talk about this project, share the videos to their friends and tag their images on Facebook which all helps to spread the word. Because of this, the reach of the project has taken off and now sees volunteers travelling to my Glastonbury studio from all over Southern England to take part.

To now also have the project recognised by the Somerset Business Awards 2015 is truly remarkable. Who would have thought a slice of Lemon could take you so far! Although my fingers will be crossed on the night in the hope that Made Portraits could perhaps win, I am truly proud to just be a finalist. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in the corner practicing my  gracious loser face just incase 🙂

Lemon Babies at Made Portraits in now a finalist in the Somerset Business Awards

Lemon Babies at Made Portraits a Somerset Business Awards 2015 Finalist

If you would like to volunteer your baby, please get in touch by Emailing: info@madeportraits.com