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How I became a Somerset Portrait Photographer

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I shoot Weddings, Boudoir and Commercial photography but first and foremost, I describe myself as a Somerset Portrait Photographer (See Here). Since I left school, I wanted to do photography and my first job was assisting a professional photographer so I could learn from the best.
Over the years I continued to work for several different photographers mostly specialising in Commercial work but in 2002, I discovered people photography and more importantly, creative family portraits and have never looked back.
One day I happened to be walking past a Portrait studio in Eton and decided to walk in to have a look around. The owner came out to have a chat with me as I admired the work they were doing and shortly after this conversation, I started to work for him. He had an amazing team of talented photographers around him which was a credit to his own skills. I should say at this point that he photographed my own wedding and did an amazing job so I certainly do rate him.

I stayed with this company for over 6 years and only left when I decided I’d like my weekends back. Moving in to a ‘normal’ job with ‘normal’ working hours was quite a change and one that I was thankful for but I always missed photographing families and the laughs that would happen within the sessions.

After a 3-4 year break although still photographing weddings in between and also a move to Somerset with my wife and daughter, I made the decision to get back in the studio and do what I love and had missed so much. Photographing families.

I spent a short time working for a family run portrait studio in Bath before I opened my own studio in Glastonbury back in January 2013 and I haven’t looked back since. When I started to plan it out, I wanted to create a studio that was relaxed from the moment you arrived. I wanted families to leave with a memory they could cherish which is the fun family time they had enjoyed in the session itself. The photos should be an added bonus and from the feedback I get, I think I that is the case.

Portrait Photographer Somerset

Being a Somerset Portrait Photographer is something I am truly thankful for. I love what I do and I hope that comes across in both your experience during the shoot and the photography that we produce together. I am blessed that I also get to shoot all the other styles I do like Commercial, Boudoir and Weddings as all these things working together drives me to be more creative.

So that’s a little bit about me and my background. You can buy your own portrait experience here or get in touch for more information. Thanks for reading.