This year, I am really pushing myself to learn new techniques all in the name of being able to do more unique photography for all of you. The Water Dress photos for kids have gone down a storm both with our clients and in the national competitions as have the Milk Dresses for Boudoir but what now?

Somerset Giants!

Technically, Water Dresses and Milk Dresses were a huge learning curve for me to get my head around but this has been even greater! I think Somerset Giants has been the most technically challenging thing I have learnt to do in recent years and I have spent a lot of hours getting my head around not just how it’s done but how it’s done well. I hope the result speaks for itself.

Somerset Giants is going to become the latest Made Portraits package and I think you’ll agree this will be really unique. I am going to photograph many of the well known Somerset landmarks and other well known local-ish spots over the coming months which will be used within these images and even better, your kids can be the Giants! This will not be a free to participate project like Lemon Babies. This will be a paying package due to the fact that each image takes more than a day to complete.

I will look to get this launched over the coming few days but in the meantime if you think it would be something you would love to do then why don’t you Email us on [email protected]¬†and register your interest. We can send you the link to the Somerset Giants Experience as soon as it’s live.

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