I need someone to pinch me. I am still coming to terms with the incredible news that I was ranked as a Top 5 Family Photographer of the Year by the Guild of Photographers for 2016. I found out a couple of weeks ago at their annual Awards Dinner in Crewe but with so many other big things happening since then (We’ve celebrated my wifes birthday of which the number I’m not at liberty to disclose; Valentines day and then celebrated my 40th Birthday!), I have only now gotten around to sharing the news. In addition to this amazing award, I also once again achieved the Photographers Bar which is a unique distinction awarded to photographers that have shown an exceptional level of professional skill and consistency throughout the previous 12 months. All in all, I’m on cloud 9.

Top 5 Family Photographer of the Year
Achieving this accolade means a great deal to me. There are so many photographers out there whose work I admire and so to be competing at this level and gaining these types of results is humbling to say the least. Since the studio opened, we’ve racked up 163 awards which is incredible and 11 of those have been Gold. With the studio only being 4 years old, these achievements are truly special.
When I began entering competitions held by the photographic industries leading associations, I wanted the desire to do better to push me creatively. I know how competitive I can be and my determination to improve was always going to drive me. This has really been the case and with all these incredible achievements, I then use them to push me even more. As I said, I am really blown away to have achieved all this but now I want to do even better.
My hope is that next year I can break in to the Top 3 and perhaps even take a top spot one of these days. In the mean-time, I will continue celebrating being International Top 5 Family Photographer of the Year.

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