Classic | Single or Multiple Images

The Classic Range is exactly that, a classic! The tradition frame with mount styling is how portraits have been framed for years and will continue to be framed for years to come.

With several different single image sizes; additional multiple image options and over 5 different frame styles offering over a dozen different colour options across the range as standard, finding the perfect match for your tastes is easy.

All sizes and frame styles are supplied with a luxurious single mount giving a 3.5mm bevel to perfectly finish off your images.

Size Options

16 x 14″ up to 32 x 28″

Transparent | Floating Imagery

The Transparent gives the Classic a contemporary twist with its stunning glass surround, which creates the illusion of floating photographs.

This concept was designed to draw the image into your room and your room into the image as your wall becomes a part of the portraits presentation. The Transparent is available with either a white or black frame and a matching wooden fillet finishes this product off perfectly.

This is a difficult piece of art to produce but the makers of this product have been crafting quality examples for their customers for many years.

Size Options

20 x 16″ up to 30 x 20″

Bellevue | Image Blocks

The Bellevue is designed to be a sleek, clean, wall-mounted block that focuses all the attention on the chosen image or images.

Constructed from honeycombed MDF, the Bellevue features laminated black back and sides. Chrome keyhole hanging fixtures are set on the reverse to keep this minimalist presentation perfectly flat against the wall.

Its originality stands out in any room and the laminate finish ensures that the Bellevue is a durable and easy to clean product. Choose a single Bellevue block or say even more with multiple blocks.

Size Options

10 x 8″ up to 40 x 30″